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We are a collaborative group of scientists collaborating across academia, governments, and NGOs. Our collaborative clusters are currently around coastal restoration, coral restoration, invasive species, and supporting ranger programs (descriptions here). To support these projects and people, we ask for donations, support through our collaborators at Upwell Coffee, and ask for you to join us in the field in our science excursions section, which supports at least one month of field expenses for our team and collaborators. 

If you are a researcher or organization looking to partner in these areas or others, please email: with your information.

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This year we are again underway monitoring coral spawning in Colombia for our large-scale sexual propagation project with partners in Islas del Rosario and Santa Marta. A large patch of staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, is pictured (photo: DM Hudson, 2023).

Colombia coral Acropora cervicornis

Below, is the Camels Reef marsh restoration project in the Thames River, Connecticut, where our team is stabilizing the shoreline with artificial reefs to support the reestablishment of marsh cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora

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