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Science and Conservation Services

We offer a number of individual and organization-based services to enhance the creation of new opportunities for collaboration. Email us at for inquiries.



Our organization-level support is in the form of a Scientist-On-Call position, which offers the expertise and support of a scientist without offering a full-time position (one that can transition to full-time, too). For organizations completing work that would be classified as non-profit, but are in need of a fiscal sponsor for grants, we can also discuss a closer relationship. We work with aquariums, zoos, and other NGOs/non-profits in this capacity.


Individual services are in support of scientists continuing and re-starting their careers, with opportunities ranging from career advice/advising, to volunteering, up to developing a soft-money position into full-time employment with Remote Ecologist. We ask for a small donation (button above) if you interact with our staff for any of the smaller-scale work. For deeper involvement, we're in the thick of things with you.

Need a Non-Profit Affiliation?:

Many field scientists lack an affiliation while in between different training stages, or when trying to come back into the field after a hiatus. Remote Ecologist offers a network, with established projects, that can nurture these questions back to the forefront. We mainly specialize in supporting field and laboratory -based science that informs conservation and restoration of natural systems. To that end, by partnering with a current thematic collaboration through volunteering or applying for funding to do adjacent work, you can find the support and collaborative network to keep your research program on track. 

Supporting science requires a number of nuts and bolts to be in place, including ethical review/approval (e.g., IACUC, Institutional Biosafety), insurance, support of dive operations (if applicable, AAUS scientific diving support), logistical support, grant and publication review, and collaboration. Additionally, all scientific work done in collaboration with Remote Ecologist is eligible to be promoted on its social media and media channels, increasing visibility and communication of the results.


Contact for a-la-carte services listed below. 


Scientific Illustration

Our logo was designed by Scientific Illustrator Ni-ka Ford. We recommend her for your scientific illustration needs. Contact her for illustrations.

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