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Mission, Structure, and Reports


The mission of Remote Ecologist is to facilitate science and conservation through empowering scientists with support services related to grantmaking and management, access to collaborators, library services, core laboratory and field equipment, and reciprocity for ethical review and scientific diving. 

Remote Ecologist, Inc. aims to provide ways to expand conservation science output through providing the research support infrastructure and support mechanisms for project development and execution – essentially, by functioning as a virtual academic department. This will facilitate quality science, scientific collaboration, professional growth, and grants management by its members. Unaffiliated scientists will have a pathway to remain productive, engage members of the scientific community, and build connections and collaborations. Life circumstances can interrupt a scientific career, and we offer a mechanism to build flexibility into that career.


The vision is to provide a world in which scientists can focus on the science that improves our world by having an “on-ramp” back into academic science – or to simply continue their research. Many scientists find themselves moving into other careers due to lack of opportunities and connections - we want to provide another option.


Main Program Clusters

Thematic collaboration clusters (TCCs) are organized to serve the main mission: to advance science and conservation and support the people and organizational collaborators needed to do so. Since people and organizations often have connections between themes, tenuous connections (dashed lines) are shown on the concept below:

Thematic Collaboration Clusters.png


The current organization of programs falls into the following areas, with the goals and objectives for each managed by Remote Ecologist's internal staff, board members, and external collaborators.

2024 Thematic Collaboration Clusters.png



  • 2020 - COMING SOON

  • 2021 - COMING SOON

  • 2022 - COMING SOON

  • 2023 - COMING SOON2



  • 2020 990 - COMING SOON

  • 2021 990 - COMING SOON

  • 2022 990- COMING SOON

  • 2023 990- COMING SOON


Organizational Collaborators:

The following is a current list of organizational collaborators on our scientists' projects and places contributing to our work in some way (including those with pending grant applications together). Please check their websites for appropriate annual reports and financials.

Upwell Coffee (Funder, $2/bag to Remote Ecologist)

Connecticut College

Reef Ball Foundation

Harbor Watch

SoMAS, Stony Brook University

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Project Oceanology

LISoundkeeper (Save The Sound)

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

University of Connecticut

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

Mystic Aquarium

Eastern Connecticut Conservation District

Clean Up Sound and Harbors (CUSH)

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Instituto de Ciencias Naturales)

Fundación CIM-Caribe/Centro de Vida Marina (Colombia)

Oceanario/CEINER (Colombia)

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